Study Guide: Jesus’s Life and Teachings in Matthew and Luke

Updated 1/30/2013

Important Names, Terms for Exams

Sermon on the Mount
Golden rule
kingdom of God
fulfillment citations
“the twelve”
Holy Spirit

Luke is sometimes called the Gospel of women or the Gospel of the poor. What passages relate to women and the poor?  What is the attitude towards them, how are they represented, what are their roles?

Other important things to consider:
According to Ehrman, what are the themes that are specific to each Gospel?

Each Gospel understands Jesus to be the messiah, but what kind of messiah? What are the similarities and differences? How are the differences conveyed through the narrative?

What does each Gospel have to say about this early movement’s relationship to Judaism? Is Jesus a messiah for Jews, Gentiles, or both, and in which Gospel? Are the authors and first audiences Jews, Gentiles, or both, and how do you know?