What sec 1 students want to learn this semester

How are religious texts used?  Some come from a higher being, some are written by humans, some are added to.  How are they interpreted?  How are they viewed?

What are the origins of Christianity?

Interested in exploring this topic with people who are challenging the views we came into the class holding.  Our previous experience or growing up in church:  we have learned their ways.  Want to learn other ways of understanding the New Testament.

Historical context, geography

What did scholars outside of Christianity say about Jesus? (Jesus as viewed by pagan scholars, early Jewish rabbis, the Koran)

What were the authors of the New Testament texts going through when they were writing it?  day-to-day basis, socially, economically

Why do we claim to be religious and don’t practice what we preach?


Do Catholics and other Christians use the same origin stories and sacred scriptures?

Is religion something that must be true and taken literally?

When did the bible become the bible? (one book)


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