Course Blog Posts

Your course blog posts start next week!

If you haven’t registered yet, check your email.  You should have an invitation with username and password.  (If you don’t, that means you didn’t fill out the student info survey, so check your email for the survey link.)

By MONDAY everyone should:

  • Go to the blog site
  • Login with your username and password
  • Go to the Dashboard (hover over upper left to see Dashboard in a drop down menu)
  • Go to Users > Your Profile and CHANGE your nickname to something we can all understand, and set your “Display name publicly” as your nickname

Next week the deadlines for the blog post depend on your GROUP.  You can find your group on CANVAS.  So FIND YOUR GROUP.

Look on the Course Schedule to see what kind of post you are writing for your group.  The DESCRIPTION OF THE BLOG ASSIGNMENT on the syllabus tells you what the deadline is for your type of post.

Example:  If you look on Canvas and see you are in Group B, then you look on the schedule and see Group B is “Thursday Reader.”  You see in the assignment description that Thursday Readers post 250 words about the readings by 9 pm Wed night.

Here is a video about writing a page or a blog post in Word Press.  (YOU ARE MAKING POSTS not pages.  The beginning is also not relevant  — pick up the video at about 58 seconds into the video when it shows you the dashboard.)

Here is a description of creating links (especially to Bible passages).

Send me an email if you don’t get an invitation to the blog or if you  have trouble.

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