Writing and Creating

In addition to the course blog, each student will create an online portfolio of scholarship this semester that will involve:

  • learning to use and creating a site on an online platform such as Omeka or WordPress
  • creating and writing at least two items/assignments on the site (ranging form 750 to 1500 words each, plus media)
  • creating and writing a bio and introduction for yourself and your site

The final drafts of these items will be published on a public web platform.  We will discuss the technology in class.

These Writing & Creating items will be evaluated based on the grading guidelines on the syllabus.  The syllabus schedule lists three deadlines for most items:

  • Deadline A:  item submitted will receive a grade and comments, which will be returned to you by the Deadline B date.  Students may revise and repost by Deadline C for grade replacement.
  • Deadline B: item submitted will receive a grade and comments, but cannot be revised for this cycle.  Comments will probably be useful for your next item, though.
  • Deadline C: item submitted will receive only a grade.