Research into teaching and learning demonstrates that frequent low-stakes assessments contribute to greater student learning than one or two high stakes big exams.

At the beginning of TUESDAY class sessions, we will have short quizzes.  (12 total, so some Tuesdays there are is no quiz.)  Most of the questions will pertain to the readings/assignments, lectures, discussion from the previous Tuesday through to the day of the quiz.  A few questions from prior quizzes may be recycled into later quizzes.  We will use clickers to take the quizzes.  (I will provide the clickers.)

Questions from the quizzes will address material from class and readings.

Many of the questions will be identical to or similar to questions on the Textbook’s Companion Website (unless the course materials for the quiz period are on different things than the Textbook + New Testament, in which case I will create new questions, typically on things on your study guides.)

Students who use the online Reading Guides to prepare for class daily should be prepared for the quizzes.

Quizzes cannot be made up.  An absence=0.  Quizzes will be worth 20 points and graded as follows:

  • 10 points for taking the quiz
  • .5 points for each correct answer

Overall quiz grade for the course will be calculated by dropping the lowest scoring quiz and taking the remaining points as a percentage of the total possible.  (So, total points out of 220=percentage grade)

Bummed about so many quizzes?  Your consolation is that there are no exams. That’s right, no exams, not even a Final Exam.